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Most of the divorce litigation cases are handled by the family lawyers. The court operates in a very limited jurisdiction and they are sorted out in the family courts. When compared with the criminal and civil cases these courts are smaller and handle only the cases of family disputes especially of divorce. Atlanta divorce attorney

The family lawyer appointed is a specialist in dealing with the divorce lawyer. Hence the parties or the couples get more time from their lawyers to deal with the cases. The cases are disposed faster as compared to other courts because they have a backlog to be cleared and hence the parties get faster justice. The family attorneys face the problem of divorce litigation only in the cases when either of the spouses is not able to accept the settlement terms and conditions. The cases where the spouses easily agree to the terms and conditions the problem of litigation does not exist. read more

Divorce: Pros and Cons for the Man

The man is the shelter of marriage. He tells if it is a successful marriage or a failure. He holds everyone under his roof, the woman she married and their children. In marriage, he vows to live only for the family he committed himself into by the covenant. However, there are cases when a man needs to permanently needs to break free from marriage.  Divorce offers various pros and cons for both men and women. So, what does a man get and lose in divorce and family law?

Pros of Divorce for Men

  • The man will have the privilege to sustain the needs of his family without feeling tied up every day.
  • The man gets to manage his life without a woman dictating him what he should and should not do.
  • The man can find a woman who will complement his personality.
  • The man can build up his career more attentively.
  • The man may find a time for himself to fill the emptiness of his being.

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Do Most Women Marry for Money or Love?

There are many polls and surveys revolving around the question: “Do Most Women Marry for Money or Love?” However, the results seem to vary according to gender. Most women would answer that women in general marry for love while most surveyed men would answer that women marry for money. But which is it really?

A recent joint survey made by ForbesWoman’s Meghan Casserly and YourTango has yielded practical results. In their survey more than three quarters or 77% of women believes they will be able to marry the man they love who is financially responsible while at the same time keeping their own careers going well. This result can be concluded as quite practical if applied to this time and generation. read more

Why Do Men Not Cheat?

It is very common to read and talk about the reasons why men cheat on their girlfriends or wives but it is also a good point to note about those men who do not cheat. While it is true that men cheat, it is also true that not all of them do and there are good and mature reasonings why some men do not cheat their partners.

  • The risk is heavily not worth the consequences.

The men who do not cheat may have the knowledge of the damaging effects or consequences of cheating because they may have had one of their family members, friends, or relatives who were physically, emotionally, and/or psychologically hurt due to the cheating incident. Because of that, they do not want to be in the same situation or even risk the relationship they are already in. read more

Will My Wife Still Respect Me If I FIle for Bankruptcy?

Filing a bankruptcy is a tough decision to make and should not be taken lightly. Attorney Ned Ogueri. Attorney Zeribe Ned Ogueri,  Zeribe Law Offices. There are many things which you need to consider since they may have an irreparable effect if missed or taken for granted. But when you are married this consideration should be taken a level deeper and your decision must be thought of very carefully so that you or your spouse will not suffer the consequences heavily. In the event of a bankruptcy, even if married, it is not imperative that both couples should file together. Either of the spouses can file bankruptcy alone however the effects of this action will somehow reach your spouse at some point. read more

Getting a Successful Divorce with A Good Family Lawyer

Getting a Successful Divorce with A Good Family Lawyer – Zeribe Ned Ogueri

Attorney Ned Ogueri

Zeribe Law Offices

For divorce procedures, a family lawyer is what you need. But since having divorced is not some thing you do all of the time, where would you begin? You start by making a list of potential divorce attorneys. You should meet any of them and have him interviewed just like you interview other experts that you going to hire. If you think that he is not good enough to manage your case, remove him from your list and go on to the other attorney. read more