Do Most Women Marry for Money or Love?

There are many polls and surveys revolving around the question: “Do Most Women Marry for Money or Love?” However, the results seem to vary according to gender. Most women would answer that women in general marry for love while most surveyed men would answer that women marry for money. But which is it really?

A recent joint survey made by ForbesWoman’s Meghan Casserly and YourTango has yielded practical results. In their survey more than three quarters or 77% of women believes they will be able to marry the man they love who is financially responsible while at the same time keeping their own careers going well. This result can be concluded as quite practical if applied to this time and generation.

  • Why women choose to marry men they love

Many women marry for love because it is quite physically and emotionally stressing to marry someone who does not inspire them in the waking days of their lives. There is already too much complication going on in life and their love partners are not supposed to add up on that lot.

  • Why women choose to marry men who are financially responsible and stable

Building a family and raising children is quite expensive. It is but practical that women would look for partners who are financially reliable so as to ensure a stable life for the family and the children they will be raising. It is also but common today for women to also take on careers to double the assurance that they will be able to provide a comfortable living for their family. In that light, women expect nothing shorter than having a financially responsible man to provide a sturdy backbone to the family.

To sum it all up, most women of today marry for both love and money. Love alone will not be able to feed, raise and build a good and stable family so women tend to look for partners who are also financially responsible or at the least have good jobs. Women still prioritizes love as per most surveys say however; they also look for a man who is able to sustain the family financially. Women aim to have both since women lean on the emotions most and then practicality.